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CRAZY SAFETY 除了有趣的頭盔,還有其他同樣有趣的配件及保護裝備!這款可愛的防盜單車鎖專為兒童而設,攜帶方便,鼓勵小朋友主動整理及保管自己深愛的物品。


Don't forget to get the matching accessories too! With this fun cable lock from Crazy Safety your child will playfully learn how to lock its bike! Cable locks from Crazy Safety cheer up the appearance of your child's bike!


SKU: 240150-20
HK$158.00 Regular Price
HK$126.40Sale Price
  • 立體設計防盜單車鎖配有 8mm x 120cm 線圈電纜。附有 1把造型鑰匙及1把標準鑰匙。產品皆已通過歐盟法令及規定有害化學物質 PAH 及 REACH 的產品安全測試。
    Colorful and fun cable lock with the head of  Crazy Safety animals characters in 3D ideal. 8mm x 120cm coil cable with a soft touch rubber finish. One normal key and one animaed key are included. PAH and REACH tested.

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