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CRAZY SAFETY 除了可愛頭盔外,還有其他同款的保護裝備!Crazy Safety 護膝護踭保護套裝適合 2 至 5 歲兒童使用。產品採用獨特防撞物料製成,具有高強度抗衝擊力效果,保護小朋友避免活動時受傷,適合戶外單車、滑板車或滾軸溜時使用。


Don't forget to get the matching accessories too! Protective gear with elbow and knee pads by Crazy Safety is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old. Unique design and materials provides fully protection and are comfortable for your child to gear up and ride. The most popular protection for biking , skating and other activities.


SKU: 570065-20
  • Crazy Safety 免兒童護膝護踭保護套裝 - 採用Velcro 魔術貼袢帶穿著時既方便又快捷。
    Crazy Safety protective gear with knee and elbow pads with Velcro straps for easy to wear.

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