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安全頭盔往往令小朋友抗拒。丹麥設計 Crazy Safety 3D 立體造型頭盔可愛有趣,設計輕巧。具有安全、易用、舒適等特點。與眾不同的頭盔設計,讓小朋友更容易接受,解決了抗拒佩戴的問題。頭盔適合幼兒、 學齡前和幼稚園適齡兒童使用。


Perfect for helmet-resistant or fun-loving kids, the Crazy Safety helmets offer a great fit, are lightweight and, of course, undeniably cute. Crazy Safety helmets are best for toddlers, preschoolers and early grade-schoolers. it is real animal head not just a printed design.


SKU: 110285-21
  • 頭盔適合年齡為 2-8 歲兒童,可調模式頭圍可調到最小 49 公分至最大 55 公分。內部構造包括吸震泡棉內飾及配上安全及堅固的外殼保護。旋轉鈕搭配 LED 燈,有三種閃爍模式。頭盔符合歐洲安全標準 EN1078 CE 和 TUV。
    Partly inmould bicycle helmet with rubber finish and colored straps and paddings. Red LED integrated in the helmet adjustment ring for better safety and the adjustment buckles are easy and comfortable to use. A chin décor is included to give the helmet the "Crazy" finish. TÜV/GS tested according to EN1078. Size S: 49-55cm.

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